Kicking Off End-to-End Testing

The Enterprise Project’s Testing phase will validate that Workday, along with other changes, will meet the business needs of the Ohio State community. Earlier this month, individuals involved in testing started the "end-to-end testing" portion of this phase. End-to-end testing entails reviewing a business process from start to finish. Subject matter experts, primarily from central business units across campus and the Wexner Medical Center, will help test processes during end-to-end testing. Kick-off sessions took place to prepare team members and subject matter experts to participate in testing.

The overarching objective of testing is to ensure Ohio State's Workday configurations are ready to meet the defined business requirements. The first portion of testing was unit testing, during which team members tested individual units of functionality, independent of each other, to confirm that each unit is effective. End-to-end testing is now underway, checking entire processes in terms of data, functionality, usability and security. This will validate that processes are currently working properly, and it will also help uncover and resolve any defects.

Team members will run various test case scenarios through the system to make sure that all identified needs are being met and processes are accurately completed. Testing Lead Matt Miller is guiding the team through end-to-end testing.

“Success out of end-to-end testing would be that we have executed 100% of our identified test cases, no significant defects exist and Workday is ready for a successful user acceptance testing period,” says Miller. 

User acceptance testing (UAT) is the next portion of the Testing phase, confirming the system works with end users. This ultimate stage will involve key stakeholders taking a subset of end-to-end test scenarios and testing them to provide final verification of the system. 

Any questions about how Ohio State will test Workday can be sent to