Fall Forum Shares Updates and Next Steps

On October 8, the Executive Sponsors hosted the Enterprise Project Fall Forum for the Ohio State community. More than 800 faculty and staff attended or livestreamed the event, which provided project timeline and status updates, Workday demonstrations and training details. 

Each Executive Sponsor provided updates and communicated their appreciation for the significant work underway to transform university operations. Executive Vice President and Provost Bruce McPheron spoke about the role of the Enterprise Project in Ohio State’s strategic plan, and emphasized the importance of all faculty and staff actively participating in the coming changes.

“If we are not our best selves in how we operate, then we don’t have the ability to accomplish all of those other things that really make this university unique,” said Provost McPheron. “And the Enterprise Project is one of the fundamental components of [the strategic plan].”

Additional updates from the Executive Sponsors included:

  • Project status and timeline overview
  • Operational alignment opportunities across campus and the Wexner Medical Center
  • HR Service Delivery progress and next steps
  • Revised Workday Student timeline
  • New university-wide financial management services

Enterprise Project Director Mike Anderson detailed key activities and milestones of the Testing phase, including end-to-end and user acceptance testing. Anderson also shared information on Ohio State’s Workday deployments: Workday HR and payroll functionality will launch first, followed by Workday finance and supply chain functionality. 

Business leaders and project team members provided a first glance at select Workday processes through system demonstrations, including requesting a leave of absence and submitting an expense report. The session concluded with an overview of Ohio State’s Workday training timeline and a Q&A with the Executive Sponsors and project directors. 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to watch a recording of the Enterprise Project Fall Forum and review the below recap of audience Q&A.

Change Management / General

How much downtime should we expect?

The Enterprise Project team is determining specific deployment details, including Workday launch dates and anticipated downtime windows, and will share with the Ohio State community when confirmed.

What are some lessons learned to date for this implementation?

Some lessons learned throughout the Enterprise Project include establishing an effective and flexible governance model and the importance of focusing on business process transformation alongside technology implementation.

How can we get involved in end to end testing?

Business Advocates (listed here) will work with central business unit leadership to identitfy subject matter experts for end-to-end testing.

Will there be Workday integrations with other commonly used systems/applications?

Yes. Workday will be integrated with many other internal and external systems and applications. For details on which systems and applications will be integrated with Workday, see the System Disposition List.

Have final decisions been made for who will be able to use the manager liaison functionality in Workday, particularly as it relates to faculty?

Staff managers may have the option to designate a managerial liaison with approval from college and/or unit leadership. The decisions around faculty support have not yet been finalized.

Are faculty managers expected to use Workday?

University leadership is currently reviewing options as to if/how faculty managers will interact with Workday’s manager self-service features.

Finance & Supply Chain

Will the current travel system be impacted by Workday?

Yes, eTravel will be replaced with Workday for both pre-travel and post-travel processes. You will continue to use your university approved travel vendor for booking travel.

How many levels of approval will there be with spend authorizations? Where will compliance live in terms of roles and responsibilities?

There are two levels of approval that a spend authorization must pass: Cost Center Manager and the Department Leader. Cost Center Managers will have responsibility for budget and policy compliance. The Department Leader is approving for business purpose. A Grant, Project or Program Manager may also be involved in this review, depending on the expense. The Supervisory Org Manager is also notified of the request. For campus units, the Business Operations Center or Grants Operations Center will also review the authorization after approvals are complete to do final pre-trip compliance checking.

What is the timeline to implement the new online payment platform?

The first pilot for Nelnet, the new online payment platform, will launch this winter, with additional uses across campus and the medical center beginning in early 2020 and rolling out continuously afterward.

Will departments be able to incorporate Nelnet payment processing for department events with a registration fee?

Yes, departments will be able to take advantage of Nelnet for this type of fee and limit the exchange of cash. Initial units have already been prioritized, but if you are interested in future implementation, please contact the Office of Financial Services.

How will Nelnet work with Workday Student once Student is live?

While Nelnet was selected with Workday in mind, the plans for how it will be used in conjunction with Workday Student have not yet been determined.

What will cross-area trends, scorecards and other monthly financial comparison reports look like? I need to see income statement details to compare units across time periods, like same period previous FY and/or FYTD compare across multiple years at a detailed level.

Financial reports will be available in Workday to compare previous fiscal year to current fiscal year. To see a preview of financial reporting and dashboards in Workday, watch our Workday Core Concept session on the topic. Further demonstrations will be made available beginning this winter.

Human Resources & Payroll

How will hourly employees who self-schedule create/request their schedule?

Campus employees will use Workday for time tracking and Health System employees will manage their schedules via Kronos.

For FMLA absence management, where will the necessary approval documents be housed? Will they remain within the system after approval, or will they still be emailed and mailed to the employee?

FMLA notices will continue to be mailed and/or emailed to employees as required by federal regulation.  Workday will provide electronic record of leave requests and approvals for both employees and managers to see.  All medical certification forms, and copies of notices sent will be stored outside of Workday in the claim management system used by Integrated Absence Management, and held per the retention schedule.

When submitting leave, what happens if you do not know your return time, or if that time changes? For example, post-surgery you are able to get back to work two days sooner than anticipated, how can the change be made?

Employees will work with the Integrated Absence Management team to make sure the dates are correct. The change can be made by the employee, manager, or an Integrated Absence Management partner via the “Return Worker From Leave” action in Workday.


What is/are the reason(s) for the Workday Student timeline extension?

It was determined the Workday Student product would not meet our requirements on the original timeline. 

If Workday Student is unable to be delivered, is the plan to continue to use PeopleSoft?

It is our intent to implement Workday Student. However, in addition to our ongoing product reviews, we will conduct formal checkpoints every six months – timed for the biannual Workday new functionality releases – to monitor Workday Student’s development progress against our critical functionality needs.

How does the timeline extension affect the Student team currently on the project? Will we know who is on the team so we can contact them?

Members of this team will either remain engaged with our Workday Student implementation, move to other Enterprise Project teams in support of next summer’s Workday releases, or return to their home units. Please contact enterprise-project@osu.edu with questions and you will be directed to the appropriate team member.

What will the Student team be doing during the timeline extension? Will they be expected to be pulled back on to the project?

The Student team’s top priorities are to support Release 1 and to engage with the Workday Product team to provide feedback on gaps and ensure product progression. We hope to re-engage the larger Student team in spring 2021. 

Will the hiring process for students still be done in PeopleSoft through 2023-2024?

No. Student employees will apply for positions and managers will complete the hiring process in Workday effective next summer.

If a student is also an employee, will they need to know how to navigate in Workday and SIS?

Yes, they will use Workday for things related to employment (applying for a job, making tax elections) and will use SIS for anything related to being a student. 

When will the Graduation part of Workday get restarted?

The revised Workday Student implementation timeline is available on the Enterprise Project website. A detailed project plan is being developed now.

With the Workday Student timeline extension, how will non-student collection accounts be impacted? Will those remain in PeopleSoft SIS or will they move to Workday?

All new non-student debt will be collected in Workday.  All student debt and non-student debt prior to Release 1 will be managed in PeopleSoft until Workday Student goes live.  At that point, all remaining debt will be moved into Workday.

Wexner Medical Center

Is eStores going away?

Yes. eStores will be discontinued and all requests for good and services will be managed in Workday.

Is Kronos going away?

Workday Timekeeping does not currently have an Advanced Scheduling feature to facilitate schedule creation and management. Therefore, Kronos will continue to be the timekeeping and advanced scheduling system for the Health System for the foreseeable future.

Will Wexner Medical Center policies need updated to align with Workday?

There are a number of Human Resources and Business & Finance policies related to the Enterprise Project that are currently under review. Wexner Medical Center policies align with and directly reflect these policies.