Workday Provides a Better Buying Experience

Many improvements will be made to the buying experience as Ohio State moves to Workday. These changes will impact Ohio State employees involved in purchasing efforts, as well as the infrastructure needed to procure goods and services.

Some key highlights of the new buying experience include: 

  • The university and medical center will use Workday as the shared platform to purchase goods and services, eliminating the need for eRequests, eStores and eMaterials. 
  • Because Workday will serve as the single system for finance, HR and supply chain information, much of the data needed for a purchase transaction, such as cost center or delivery location, will automatically be pulled into a request.
  • As the system of record for all purchases, Workday will provide improved reporting and spend analysis.
  • Requisitioners can easily view the status of request approval and delivery.
  • Most purchased goods will first arrive at Central Receiving before being delivered to the ordering units. 

Recently, the Enterprise Project hosted user previews where requisitioners were able to preview business processes in procurement, supplier accounts, inventory and buying in Workday. More than 400 employees from the university and medical center had the opportunity to view an end-to-end purchasing process and discuss the impact of these changes on day-to-day operations.

Vice President of Operations and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Kris Devine emphasized the need for these changes when addressing university supply chain professionals.

“Learning new systems is never easy, but we’ll benefit from making this change, and our current system dictates that we change now,” said Devine. 

Hal Mueller, Chief Supply Chain Officer for the Wexner Medical Center, echoed similar thoughts when speaking with medical center community members.

“As we launch Workday, all of us will be asked to demonstrate a few key things: adaptability, flexibility, creativity, willingness to change, determination to get it right, and a readiness to help and support each other," said Mueller.

Presentation materials and recordings are available for both the campus audience and the medical center audience. Additional information about the procurement and supply chain processes will be shared throughout the academic year, as the Enterprise Project prepares to deliver exceptional service and modern technology for a better Ohio State experience. Please contact with questions.