Compass Coming in Early 2020

Ohio State is creating a “digital home” for faculty, staff and students that will provide employee information and institutional news. This platform, which will be known as Compass, will serve as a common entry point for employees who would like a summary of their employee details or who are looking for easy access to Ohio State’s technology systems, including Workday.

Compass will not replace the need to complete actions in Ohio State systems, but can streamline how you find where you need to go. While employees can view details in Compass (see image below), they will not be able to complete actions, such as requesting time off or completing a training. Compass will point you in the right direction to complete activities in Ohio State systems. 

Compass will help create a better employee experience by helping the university and medical center community navigate the many paths at Ohio State. (However, Compass will not replace the medical center’s OneSource.) Compass will launch in January 2020 for faculty and staff, and will be released for students in 2021.

Personalized employee details regarding leave balances, pay and institutional training will appear in Compass.
Compass is…

  • A navigation tool that streamlines your path to various university systems and websites.
  • A holistic summary of your employee information and easy access to related systems to make updates or requests.
  • A smarter search to find what you need, including IT and HR support.

The Announcements section…

  • Notifies you of action items and updates related to Buckeye business across several systems.
  • Pulls together payroll, HR and IT tasks/requests into a single view.
  • Points you to the source of the initial task/request.

Personalized employee details…

  • Provide a clear indication of your employee leave balances.
  • Note pending leave requests (except Health System employees).
  • State the date and net amount of your last paycheck.

Curated Ohio State content…

  • Gives you an opportunity to review news and resources relevant for all Ohio State employees.
  • Updates weekly to ensure news is timely and pertinent.
  • Will become more targeted to individual employees over time.