2019 Enterprise Project Snapshot

Throughout 2019, the Enterprise Project made note-worthy achievements in exceptional service and modern technology. Advancing Ohio State's foundational goal of operational excellence, here are just a few project highlights!

Check out these statistics that demonstrate the Enterprise Project's year in review.

  1. Testing, testing...Ohio State began testing the Workday system and revitalized business processes beginning in August. Testing activities will validate the Workday configurations and related processes to ensure the university’s business needs are met. Read more.
  2. Getting to know Workday. A variety of engagement opportunities took place throughout the year, allowing employees from across campus and the medical center to preview Workday. "Workday 101" presentations introduced fundamental basics of how to use the system, while "What's Changing?" presentations summarized how Workday will affect the employee experience for different groups. Read more.
  3. HR Connection pilot underway. In September, HR colleagues participating in the HR Service Delivery (HRSD) pilot moved to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) location at South Campus Gateway, hitting a milestone in the development of the center, newly named HR Connection. Pilot partners celebrated their new office space with a welcome event. Read more.
  4. The details are in the data. Ohio State is building a Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) to complement Workday’s data analytics and reporting capabilities. A “soft launch” of the RAE took place in August, which entailed loading a few initial datasets and beginning to pilot data governance and access processes. Read more.
  5. New model, new opportunities. The HR and payroll community participated in an open house forum to connect with HR and payroll leadership in an open dialogue about Ohio State’s HR Transformation efforts. The 400 HR and payroll professionals in attendance were able to gain insights and information to help them shape their careers within the future HR model and prepare to express interest in future roles. Read more.
  6. E-Builder launch! The university’s Facilities Operations and Development’s Design and Construction team, in partnership with the Enterprise Project, successfully launched e-Builder at Ohio State. E-Builder is a cloud-based construction management software that tracks budgets, schedules and related documents. Read more.
  7. First do what's right for the student, then make it work for Ohio State. The Enterprise Project's efforts to improve the student experience are driven by a “students first” attitude. This guiding principle ultimately helped the Executive Sponsors Group and Workday leaders determine that the Workday Student product needed additional development before it could effectively meet Ohio State's students' needs. The university remains committed to implementing Workday Student on an extended timeline. Read more.
  8. Fall Forum fun. The Executive Sponsors Group hosted the Enterprise Project Fall Forum for the Ohio State community. More than 800 faculty and staff attended or livestreamed the event, which provided project timeline and status updates, Workday demonstrations and training details. Read more.
  9. A message from the president. In recognition of the significant business improvements taking place, President Michael V. Drake sent an email in October to all faculty and staff regarding Workday. President Drake acknowledged how the shift to Workday will advance Ohio State’s operational excellence and resource stewardship goals, a pillar of Ohio State's Time and Change strategic plan. Read more.
  10. Find your way with Compass. Beginning early next year, Ohio State employees will have access to an easy-to-use routing tool, Compass. A significant amount of development and feedback helped the project team prepare to launch the platform. Compass will help create a better employee experience by providing an entry point to various administrative systems and a clear summary of employee details. Read more.