Workday for Managers

Last Updated: February 27, 2020

With Workday, staff and faculty who supervise employees can efficiently complete their management tasks. Workday provides managers the opportunity to initiate and approve tasks (including leave approvals, new position requests and compensation changes) related to the staff and faculty on their teams. Managers will continue to partner with HR and finance teams to ensure tasks are appropriate for entry into Workday.  Requests will also route through HR and finance partners in streamlined workflows to ensure data accuracy and resource availability.

Workday will consolidate the number of systems managers use today to complete these tasks, including eLeave, HR Action, Green Action, eTravel, eMaterials, eRequest and more. Health System managers will continue using Kronos for team scheduling and time-off requests.

Manager roles and responsibilities in Workday will vary across campus and Wexner Medical Center groups:

  • Staff managers (or their designees, as approved) will initiate and approve tasks for their teams in Workday, with support from HR and finance colleagues. 
  • Faculty managers will have someone complete these tasks on their behalf in Workday, but will remain accountable for the information about their teams in the system. Faculty who prefer to do this work themselves will be able to do so, with support from HR and finance teams.
  • Executive managers (including deans, department chairs, vice presidents and others) will have someone complete these tasks in Workday on their behalf, with the opportunity to complete the tasks themselves, if they choose. Executive managers will remain accountable for the information about their teams in Workday.
  • Health System managers will partner with Shared Services teams to determine which tasks managers will perform themselves, and which tasks will be performed by someone else on their behalf. More details will be provided by Health System Shared Services before Workday go-live.

Training for all management tasks in Workday will be available starting in April 2020. A variety of training resources will be offered to managers and support staff, including classroom training, online training, videos and printable instructions. Managers who frequently hire new employees or hire many employees at a given time should expect to complete more training.

If you are interested in learning more about what Workday means for you as a manager, check out the Managers page on the Enterprise Project website. Please reach out to your Change Coordinator with questions, or contact