Grants Management Using PI Portal and Workday

Last spring, Ohio State began an ambitious project to move PI Portal functionality into Workday, which is now scheduled to go live in January 2021. We have been working toward our shared vision of a simplified grants management and reporting experience, and while we will not fully deliver this functionality in January, we do have several positive outcomes thus far.

A new PI dashboard will be delivered in Workday that will allow PIs to view multiple funding sources in one place. This dashboard will also link to reports such as submitted proposals and payments from sponsors. The PI dashboard is the first of several steps toward new research reporting capabilities that will be housed solely in Workday in the future.

Individuals who support research at Ohio State will have a more complete picture of award funding, including access to Workday reports detailing grants that are close to end dates and grants with special conditions for their unit. Additionally, Workday reports by grant will show encumbrances and pre-encumbrances, including travel.

In the short term, faculty and staff will use a combination of the PI Portal and Workday to fulfill their grants data needs. The current PI Portal will be maintained to provide continuity until we fully realize the vision of grants reporting solely in Workday. We will continue partnering with Workday to develop additional grants functionality to achieve our long-term goal of real-time updates within a single system.

Faculty and staff who manage grants will be supported with training beginning this fall.

Please send additional questions about grants management and reporting to the Enterprise Project mailbox.