Procurement Dates to Know

The following are important procurement-related downtime dates that are necessary as we transition from PeopleSoft to Workday.  Please review these dates carefully, mark your calendar with reminders and prepare now for the supplies and services you will need during downtime. Click here for a calendar view. For training, check your assigned modules and/or search for “Workday” in BuckeyeLearn.

All actions listed below will resume on January 7, in Workday.

If you request or approve supplies or services:

  • 12/14    Last day to submit special requests for supplies or services in eMaterials
  • 12/14    Last day to submit eRequests, including eStores orders and reimbursements
  • 12/17    Last day for college/VP unit approval of eRequests
  • 12/21    Last day for campus Service Centers to process eStores orders
  • 12/30    Last day for Health System users to place orders in eMaterials, Staples or Owens & Minor
  • 12/30    Last day to approve pending requisitions and purchase orders
  • 12/30    Last day to submit bill-only requisitions

If you request or approve payments:

  • 12/16    Last day to submit manual invoices to Accounts Payable
  • 12/21    Last day for PREP payment entry
  • 12/21    Last day for one-time vendor adds
  • 12/30    Last day to resolve match exceptions
  • 12/30    Last day to approve manual invoices

If you travel or request reimbursement for travel:

  • 12/7      Last day to submit eTravel
  • 12/11    Last day for units to approve travel requested in eTravel for submission to Service Centers
  • 12/18    Last day for campus Service Center staff and OSP to process eTravel

If you use PCards and the transaction is incurred or before December 24:

  • 12/28    Last day for units to submit eRequests for credit card transaction reallocation
  • 12/29    Last day for units to approve eRequests to reallocate credit card charges

All Pcard transactions incurred after December 24 should be held and submitted in Workday.