Workday Student project gets back underway

As Ohio State prepares to launch the first release of Workday in January 2021, the final piece of the Enterprise Project — Workday Student  is gearing up. 

 Workday Student will replace the university’s core administrative system and will enable student service professionals to support student success more effectively through a seamless, modern technology experience. 

 The project will begin its return to full capacity in January 2021, after a pause to focus on product assessment and engagement and will include a number of benefits for student services professionals. 

 The Workday Student go-livwill begin in summer 2023 and conclude in summer 2024, following the student life cycle (admissions through commencement). It will include functionality for Admissions, Financial Aid, Records and Advising and Student Financials. You can find an updated timeline on the Enterprise Project site. 

 We're excited to move forward with the Workday Student project,” said Vice Provost for Student Success Dr. Beth Hume, who serves as the project’s executive sponsor. “We’ve assembled a strong team, and we’re looking forward to ramping up the project to full capacity in early 2021.” 

 The first project phase, “Configuration & Prototype,” got underway in December 2020 and will wrap up by December 2022. The focus within this timeframe is building all needed configuration, integrations, conversions and reporting. More details will be forthcoming on the Organizational Change Management (OCM) and testing strategies.  

 “Workday Student is an emerging product, and their product development methodology is one of continuous improvement,” said Business Advocate and Student Workstream Director Jeff Allen. “So, what we go live with will continue to evolve and improve over time to meet our needs. 

Read on to learn more about the Workday Student functional team and leadership. 

Workday Student functional team 

As of January 2021, the Workday Student functional team will include the following folks. Additional team members will join the project by April 2021. 


Megan Dugan, Jude Grant and Shereen Midkiff  

Records and Advising 

Suzanne Dantuono, Whitney Ellwood, Angela Ford, Stephanie Giese, Natasha Pereira and Margo Thacker 

Academic Progress Reports 

Christy Bradley, Amy Cogswell, Portia LaMarr, Misty Lenhart 

Financial Aid  

Inali Dan, Jim Dugan, Marty Prosser, Brad Roll 

Recruiting and Admissions 

Rashida Bowman, Rich Chappell, Sarah Pines, Susan Schnell 

Student Financials 

Allison Chappell, Manju Chamarthi, Shawn Kielian, Tami Spells and Kim Wortkoetter 


Workday Student leadership roles

Executive sponsor 

Beth Hume 

Business owners 

Adrienne Bricker, Tony Newland, Stephanie Sanders, Amy Treboni 

Business advocate 

Jeff Allen 

Student project manager 

Amanda Smith