Change Network

The Enterprise Project will affect people in every part of the university and beyond. Building a network of informed individuals in every college, unit and hospital provides a local support structure that can better anticipate and meet the needs of this diverse group of stakeholders.

The Enterprise Project Change Network:

  • Includes team members from across the university and medical center – leadership, managers and employees – to build awareness of the project and its affects
  • Provides a structure to facilitate communication using local, established channels
  • Supports feedback and two-way communication between everyone affected by the project and the project team

The Change Network is led locally by Change Coordinators. If you would like to know more about how your unit is planning to adopt and communicate changes related to the Enterprise Project, contact your Change Coordinator.

Arts & Sciences and Professionals

  • Arts & Sciences - Kelley Maynard and Jared Port   
  • Business - Barbara Deyoung                 
  • Education & Human Ecology - Jacqulyn Chambers and Faith Haleem                  
  • Engineering - Elizabeth Cumpston, Marie Mendenhall-Mead and Kristina Renner
  • FAES - Eric Bode, Lori Bowman, Steve Boyles, Jeanne Osbourne and Elayne Siegfried   
  • Law - Christina Alutto                   
  • Public Affairs - Andrea Garringer                   
  • Social Work - Melanie Dheel

Health Sciences

  • Dentistry - John Kuhar                    
  • Nursing - Linda Walsh                
  • Optometry - Jim Woods                
  • Pharmacy - Dr. Moray Campbell and Maggie Merry
  • Public Health - Ann Florentine-Knott                 
  • Veterinary Medicine - Mary Jo Burkhard and Renne Komula

Central Support Unit 1

  • Advancement - Judy Varhola      
  • Board of Trustees - Melissa DeAngelo
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Karen Alsbrooks
  • Government Affairs - Jessica Martin     
  • International Affairs - Maureen Miller   
  • Legal Affairs - Kendra Baumann
  • Libraries - Daniel Dotson  
  • OAA Admin, IRP, Outreach & Engagement - Gretchen Gombos and Bobbie Houser         
  • University Communications and President's Office - Melissa DeAngelo
  • Wexner Center for the Arts - Maureen L. Thomas

Central Support Unit 2

  • Administration and Planning - Julie Conway     
  • Athletics - Dani Daluisio, Jenn DeWitt and Heather Sefner          
  • Business & Finance - Frank Grubb (Procurement), Julie Grubb (Fiscal Service Center), Shawn Jones (Receiving), Melanie Maybury (Payroll), Katherine Seay (Treasury and Accounting) and Erica Thompson (Bursar)
  • Human Resources - Marjie Hamlett
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) - Ric Hunter
  • Office of Student Academic Success - Adeeba Ali, Ben Reder, Amanda Smith, and Dr. David Graham       
  • Research - Stacie Brewer             
  • Student Life - Brandon D. Smith               

Regional Campuses

  • Lima - Melissa Coldiron             
  • Mansfield - Carol Freytag and Nicole Wakeley                    
  • Marion - MaryJo Mundey                     
  • Newark - Nichole Lenglé    

Wexner Medical Center

  • Ambulatory Services - Lora McBrien, Sarah Miller and Samantha Primmer                        
  • Brain & Spine Hospital, OSU Harding Hospital - Tamara Buhrts, Pam Swartz
  • James Cancer Hospital - Teri Hall, Jason Walsh and Kelly Wolfe                 
  • Office of Health Science and College of Medicine - Lorri FowlerCarla Granger and Erin Kimbrell
  • OSU Health Plan Jenna Metz                
  • Ross Heart Hospital - Kelly Scheiderer                                 
  • University Hospital East - Julie Meddles and Beth Haselwood                  
  • University Hospital/Nursing WMC - Monica Acklin, Cailin Falato and Jason Walsh               
  • Wexner Medical Center - HR - Lauren Berger  
  • Wexner Medical Center - Physicians - Karen Barrett                  
  • Wexner Medical Center - Supply Chain Management - Christina Gatton