We’ve Got Style:

No, really. We’re not bragging. An Enterprise Project Style Guide is available via this link.

The look and feel of Enterprise Project materials will need to follow the branding guidelines explained in the guide. The goal isn't to make non-designers into designers, but rather to help people navigate the dos and don'ts about branding. The guide helps answer “What logo should I use?” or “What colors are in the Enterprise Project palette?” questions.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you. Specially developed Microsoft Word and PowerPoint branded templates are available for use. These materials adhere to university brand and accessibility standards. We recommend bookmarking this webpage so you can return for the latest and greatest branding resources!

While the provided templates are constantly being updated, there are things we can all do to enhance accessibility. The document properties settings have items that a document author can modify and control, which include:

  • Providing a document author name
  • Adding title and tags
  • Using screen tips for links
  • Adding alt tags and descriptions for tables and flow charts

Documents (Preferred templates for all Enterprise Project documents):

Presentation template (Preferred template for all Enterprise Project presentations):


Questions or feedback? Send a message to the Enterprise Project mailbox and one of the Enterprise Project Comm-rades (Communication Developers) will follow up with you.


See all the materials available in BOX at this link.