Answers to Enterprise Project Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs about core user training

I received an email stating that I’ve been assigned training but I can’t find what I’m supposed to register for and I believe I should have more. What should I do?

The course should be on your transcript; please navigate to your BuckeyeLearn transcript and search for “Workday”. We have added Workday to all course names to make them easier to find.

Note: The Enterprise Project will continue to assign training in BuckeyeLearn through September, so please check your BuckeyeLearn transcript periodically.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to workday-training@osu.edu

I have not received an email stating that I have been assigned training and think I should have training assigned to me. What should I do?

There are several reasons why you may not have been assigned specific training.  Training assignments are driven by security roles. If you were informed by your supervisor that you were assigned security roles and you have not received training notification, please reach out to workday-training@osu.edu.

Check the “About Training” section of the website to learn more about the training you need to be successful.

Note: The Enterprise Project will continue to assign training in BuckeyeLearn through September, so please check your BuckeyeLearn transcript periodically.

FAQs about Workday

When will Workday training be available?

As with other Ohio State enterprise-wide system implementations, an organizational change plan will be developed and continually refined which will include end-user training and readiness activities.

What is my Workday profile? Who has access to this information?

You can access your profile by selecting the cloud icon in the top right corner of the Workday screen. Your Workday profile is visible to you and contains your personal, contact, job, benefits, compensation, time off and pay information. Access to your information is managed by security roles in Workday; only authorized, specific persons may see relevant information about you. For example, your supervisor can see your time off and compensation; however, they are not authorized to see your benefits elections.

What is the Workday inbox?

Your Workday inbox contains items for which you need to take action. These items could include updating your time worked, approving a change in Workday, and much more. Responding to and submitting the items in your inbox is important as these items can affect your pay, taxes, personal information or benefits.

Your Workday Inbox is not the same as your Outlook inbox. Your Workday Inbox only includes action items in Workday. You will receive emails in the Ohio State Outlook mailbox when items are added to your Workday Inbox.

Will I receive Workday notifications to my Outlook? How can I change the settings for which Workday notifications I receive and how often I receive them?

You will receive emails to your Outlook stating that you have inbox items requiring action or notifications available. You can change your notification preferences in Workday once you login for the first time. Note that changes made in your notification preferences will only impact notifications being sent to your Outlook, notifications and inbox items will still be sent to your Workday inbox.

What devices can I use to access Workday?

Workday can be accessed from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (Apple or Android devices) with an active and secure internet connection.

What is delegation and how may it be used?

Delegation is used to allow another employee to review and approve on your behalf. For example, as a manager, you may wish to delegate your Time Entry and Time Off approval responsibilities to another. This can be done for short periods of time or on an on-going basis. In addition, an entire inbox can be delegated to another individual during a leave or vacation.

Are we able to customize the applications on the home page?

Depending upon the security roles aligned to a position, you will have the ability to add, remove and move around the applications displayed on your Workday homepage to easily access the applications you use most often.

What is a Cost Center Manager?

Cost center managers are fiscally responsible for the transactions charged to their applicable cost center, as well as monitoring the status of their overall budget.

FAQs specific to HR

What if my personal information is wrong in Workday?

Depending on the desired update, you can update their Contact information in Workday (some updates require approval) or contact HR Connection for assistance in making your change.

If a student employee updates their information in one system such as their name, will it update the other? What about addresses? Will they update in both?

If a student employee updates their address in Workday, it will get overwritten by what is in SIS by IDM. Basically, the changes do not stick.  If a student employee updates their bank account information, it will not get overwritten and it will only update their direct deposit for payroll but not update their bank account associated with their Student account.

Can the org chart be downloaded?

Yes, like most pages and reports in Workday, the org chart can be both downloaded and printed. However, it is recommended that you view pages and reports in Workday so that you are looking at real-time data.

FAQs specific to travel

How will I arrange travel in Workday?

Like now, your travel will probably begin with a conversation with your supervisor. You’ll then submit a spend authorization for approval, and once approved, you’ll then book travel through your approved travel vendor. Once travel is complete, you will submit an expense report in Workday.

What is a spend authorization?

A spend authorization is a step in our expenses process that must be completed before someone incurs future travel expenses. At Ohio State you must complete a spend authorization before you incur any travel related expenses, only (i.e. airfare, hotel, ground transportation).  You do not need to complete a spend authorization for requisitions.

Is my manager notified when I complete a spend authorization?

When you complete and submit a spend authorization it routes to both your manager (for notification, only) and to a cost center manager (for approval).  We recommend openly communicating with your manager about any travel related activities.  Even though your manager is automatically gets notified, you should always communicate with him or her about any anticipated travel before you complete a spend authorization.

If I am going to travel but the costs are being picked up by somebody else (a vendor, a conference, etc.) do I still need to complete and submit a spend authorization?

Yes. When travel is involved you must complete a spend authorization prior to the event.  Even if someone else is picking up the costs associated with the trip you are required to complete a spend authorization.  When you complete your spend authorization in Workday there is an option within the “Business Purpose” labeled “Travel without Expenses.” Anytime that travel is required, with or without expenses, a spend authorization must be completed.

FAQs specific to expense reports

How do expense reports work in Workday?

If you've incurred expenses that require reimbursement, you must submit an expense report in Workday. You can also create them on behalf of other workers when delegated, or if you have security access to the Create Expense Report for Worker task. The most common reason to submit an expense report is to be reimbursed for travel expenses, but there are non-travel related expense as well.

Where can I find a listing of non-travel expense categories?

The listing of non-travel examples can be found in here.

How long do I have to submit my expenses for reimbursement?

When the new policy goes into effect, you have 60 days from the time the expense was incurred to submit the item(s) and receipts for reimbursement. This is a new policy that was approved by the university, and the effective date has not yet been confirmed.

If a delegate submits an expense report on my behalf is there anything that I am required to do?

The individual payee of the expenses report must certify that all the expenses that have been submitted are accurate.  This is the final step in the expense report process and will generate an Inbox task.  This applies to both the university and the Health System.

FAQs specific to managers

Will all my managerial tasks be performed in Workday?

Workday will consolidate the number of systems managers use today to complete these tasks, including eLeave, HR Action, Green Action, eTravel, eMaterials, eRequest and more. Health System managers will continue using Kronos for team scheduling and time-off requests.

With Workday, staff and faculty who supervise employees can efficiently complete their management tasks. Workday provides managers the opportunity to initiate and approve tasks (including leave approvals, new position requests and compensation changes) related to the staff and faculty on their teams.

As the Manager role, what can I view and do in the system?

With Workday’s manager self-service, supervisors (managers) are empowered with necessary and relevant job, position, compensation and costing data. This includes access to numerous Workday reports with information about your team to support all HR related decisions.

Are notifications sent to your manager if you don't complete actions in Workday?

No. However, there are a couple of different ways to determine whether a transaction is “stuck” in the process. Increased transparency in Workday allows anyone with "review" or “approve” responsibility in the process can see the status of a transaction. In addition, audit reports can be run to help ensure transactions get completed in a timely manner. Workday allows for more transparency.

FAQs specific to benefits

Will benefits enrollment be done in Workday?

Yes, you will be able to enroll in benefits in Workday. At any time you can view your elections and the associated costs. You may also make necessary changes to your benefits with any qualifying life event.

When can I make changes to my benefits in Workday?

Employees can initiate benefit changes in Workday in accordance with governing rules. For life events, such as the birth/adoption of a child or change in marital status, changes can be made within 31 days of the event. All staff can make changes to their benefit elections without a qualifying life event during Ohio State’s annual Open Enrollment, which happens each year in the fall.

FAQs specific to recruiting

How can I find open job positions on campus and at the medical center?

An internal job applicant site will be available in Workday. All open positions will be posted to the internal job site making it easier for current Ohio State employees to learn about and apply for other career development opportunities across campus and the Wexner Medical Center.

Is my manager notified when I apply for an internal job?

No, your manager will not be notified if you apply for an internal job. We do encourage you to discuss your career goals and aspirations with your manager. Workday provides an automated tracker of all open positions you apply for that can easily be downloaded and shared with your manager.

FAQs specific to time tracking and absence

Is it possible to request half days of vacation in Workday rather than a full 8 hours?

Yes. When you create a vacation request in Workday, you’ll be able to indicate how many hours of vacation you are requesting per day.

I am a Health System employee. Where will I enter my time and time-off requests?

If you are a Health System employee who uses Kronos for recording time and requesting time-off, you will continue to use Kronos. Campus employees will use Workday for recording time and requesting time-off.

I clock in and clock out using a time clock. Will I continue to do this?

If you are an employee in Student Life, OAA or Athletics and use an external time-clock to clock in/clock out, you will continue to do so, but using a new digital time-clock that will be available this summer. Otherwise you will use the Workday timesheet.

How do I request business leave?

The answer depends on how long the business leave is. If the business leave covers multiple days or overnight travel then a spend authorization must be completed before the trip occurs – even if the university is not funding the travel.  For a business leave that occurs and is contained within the course of a single business day (e.g. going to a different part of town for an event) – no spend authorization is required.

FAQs specific to how to buy something

How will I make purchases in the future, including non-catalog purchases?

Workday will be your one stop resource for catalog and non-catalog needs. When making a purchase use Workday to first view Buckeye Buy, which hosts all of our current supplier websites of cataloged goods and services. If you do not find what you need there you can choose to request non-catalog items within Workday.

What is the process for vendors not in Workday? Will a similar vendor set-up form option be available in Workday?

In the future you can work with the Service Center to request the addition of new vendors. Vendors will continue to use the current state process for registration. The change is that our service center staff and other designated individuals are able to help facilitate a request to add a vendor. This should help expedite the process by ensuring that we obtain proper documentation from the start to help expedient the process.