Answers to Enterprise Project Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for information about the Foundation Data Model? Answers to frequently asked Foundation Data Model (FDM) questions are available.

What is the Enterprise Project? 

The Enterprise Project is a business transformation that will improve the Ohio State experience and advance operational excellence through Workday and other modern, effective services and technology.

How does the Enterprise Project support the Time and Change Strategic Plan?

The Enterprise Project has direct connections to the Time and Change Strategic Plan, most notably the Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship pillar. One of the operational excellence targets is to "simplify core processes and create unprecedented transparency and agility," with the implemenation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning system (Workday) as a primary driver. Furthermore, one of the operational excellence initiaitves is to "execute Workday planning, design and implementation."

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based application that will replace all three core administrative systems (Financials, HR and Student Information Systems) at Ohio State. Other commonly used tools like eReports, eRequest, eTravel will also be replaced. Workday will mark a shift in how Ohio State implements enterprise-wide systems. In the past, systems have been highly customized, with those custom changes equating to expensive tweaks each time a system moves to a new version. With Workday, Ohio State will have many configuration options from which to select in order to maintain our preferred business processes and functionality.

What are some of the benefits of Workday?

Among many other aspects, the benefits of Workday for Ohio State include:

  • 24/7 access to information over a secure network
  • The ability to utilize data more effectively to get a more complete picture of the business. Reports and analytics are simple to build, deploy and use
  • System functionality offering employee and manager self-service, enabling staff to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access
  • Less complex upgrades that allow for simpler and less disruptive moves to newer versions

How can I see Workday and other new systems?

The Enterprise Project will not demo Workday or other systems until the university designs and configures new business processes and gains a better understanding of how we will maximize new systems. In the meantime, Ohio State faculty, staff and students are encouraged to visit Workday Community to learn more about the product's features, terminology and tools. Workday Community is an online portal for customers to deepen their Workday knowledge and connect with other customers. Anyone with an Ohio State email address may request access to Workday Community by clicking "Request Account" on the login page and entering your Ohio State email address.

What are Workday configurations?

Workday uses configurations instead of customizations. Workday has multiple configurations that can be enabled to give Ohio State flexibility to make modifications to the system that reflect the university’s unique business needs, but prevents changes from being made that will disrupt the business in the future when software upgrades are required. Because Workday is configurable, system updates can be deployed quickly and less expensively than other ERP systems.

When will Workday training be available?

As with other Ohio State enterprise-wide system implementations, an organizational change plan will be developed and continually refined which will include end-user training and readiness activities.

How is the business guiding the transformation as opposed to being technology driven?

The Enterprise Project is not only a system implementation, but also a business process transformation project. We will utilize the Enterprise Project to enhance service delivery, streamline processes, eliminate non-value added and/or duplicative processes, shift focus from transactional tasks to more strategic initiatives and improve access to data and information. Strategy drives process, thereby our decisions will not be driven by the system, nor current processes, but instead by our vision of a future state.

Will our current business processes change when we implement Workday?

Yes. Workday includes predefined business processes, so there will be changes to our existing business processes as we implement the new system. The project’s business process and organizational change management teams will work with units across campus to review the new processes and help make necessary preparations. 

What is the Foundation Data Model (FDM)?

With the implementation of Workday, a new Foundation Data Model (FDM) will replace Ohio State’s existing Chart of Accounts (COA). A separate FAQ section for FDM is available.

Since data is one of Ohio State’s most valuable assets, how are we protecting our data? 

Workday is more secure than our current state. All the data flows back and forth between Workday and Ohio State via encrypted transport. 

How are we engaging individuals in the field to ensure that they are involved and aware of the upcoming process changes?

We’re working very closely with business process owners to make sure we’re bringing the right cross section of people to project meetings and transformation workshops. In order for us to design future-state processes, we need and value input from members across the university community.

What if I have other questions about the Enterprise Project?

Please use the Enterprise Project mailbox to submit your questions and comments via the enterprise-project@osu.edu address.