Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS)

Release 1 (Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll)

Ohio State will need an institution-wide governance process and management team to support and enhance Workday and other Enterprise Project initiatives. The Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) team will be accountable to the Enterprise Project Executive Sponsors and managed within the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

November 2019 Updates

Position summaries for roles available in the future enterprise support team are now available and can be reviewed below. Enterprise Project team members and other impacted employees will have an opportunity to express interest in EBS team roles in December 2019. This process is for teams affected by Workday Release 1 (Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll).

Following the expression of interest process, Enterprise Project and business unit leaders will identify employees for EBS team roles. The goal is to communicate new role offerings in January-February 2020.

Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) Team Structure

The EBS Team graphic is a visual representation of the position summary information for the roles listed below.

Enterprise Business Solutions Team Org Chart

Position Summaries

Below are the EBS teams and associated roles. Please note the number of roles listed for each team does not indicate the number of positions available. Multiple employees may hold similarly titled roles. Please note position titles align to Career Roadmap’s career framework.  


Please contact Kevin Donahoe, Technology and Data Business Advocate, or your Business Advocate with questions.