About Compass

As part of the Enterprise Project, Ohio State has launched a “digital home” for faculty, staff and students to highlight employee information and institutional news. This initiative, known as Compass (, provides a common entry point for users who would like a summary of their employee details or who are looking for access to Ohio State’s technology systems, including Workday.

Compass creates a better employee experience by helping the university and medical center community navigate the many paths at Ohio State. (Compass will not replace the medical center’s OneSource.) Compass launched in January 2020 for faculty and staff, and will be released for students in 2021.

A Summary View For You

Information from multiple technology systems pulled together in Compass allows employees to easily view many pieces of their employee experience at once. While employees will not conduct business in Compass, the platform points users in the right direction for their business needs.

The following information will feed into Compass beginning in January:

  • Your accrued sick and vacation hours.
  • Your timesheet hours.
  • Your pay.
  • Your assigned trainings in BuckeyeLearn.
  • Your IT and HR help requests.
  • Ohio State’s Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) tracker.

Compass also serves as a news hub, featuring the latest Ohio State headlines.

A Starting Point

Compass helps point you in the right direction. It is a routing tool to help you navigate the behind-the-scenes business of Ohio State, acting as a gateway to multiple systems across the university.

A Smarter Search

Find what you need faster with the Compass search.


Compass was made available in January, 2020 for faculty and staff and will be released in summer 2021 for students.