The Technology team brings together existing data systems while the Operational Design team conceptualizes how the university will function technically upon the Enterprise Project’s initial Workday deployment and beyond.

As the result of implementing a new system, Ohio State will also adopt a new operating model to effectively support the future state. Technology provides the infrastructure to make the Operational Design vision a reality for how enterprise systems are best managed and grown following the completion of the Enterprise Project.

Technology is important, but first and foremost it’s a tool. Project team members will ensure that the work and the people of Ohio State can focus less on technology concerns and more on what matters most: our students, faculty, staff and patients.

Changing how the institution leverages technology and data

  • Implementing enterprise-wide tools and cloud technologies (including Workday, Amazon Web Services, Tableau and others), and integrating our systems across the institution, can help move Ohio State towards a more coordinated team of technology professionals and data analysts.
  • Improving coordination means reducing duplication and increasing effectiveness by using the same tools, speaking the same language and analyzing the same data. It’s about meeting our shared needs, not about changing where work gets done.

Evaluating current systems

The project team has connected with each college and unit to begin capturing the local systems currently in use. This outreach is the foundation of the “system dispositioning” process, assessing which systems can be retired due to an overlap with Workday functionality. Systems that fulfill unique business needs will be kept.

The System Disposition List is a growing collection of all the known existing systems. The list is organized alphabetically, and you can search for a specific system by pressing “Control” + “F” on your keyboard. Please notify Cathy Davis if you notice a system is missing, and click here to learn more about system dispositioning.

Commitment to technology and data analytics culture

  • Technology leaders and team members will meet regularly with the technology and data community in the university and Wexner Medical Center to share Enterprise Project updates and collect important feedback.


Do you have questions about how Workday affects your local system? Please contact Cathy Davis.