Answers to EBS Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Entperise Business Solutions team and the expression of interest process. Please contact your Business Advocate, your home unit manager or enterprise-project@osu.edu with additional questions. 

Expression of Interest FAQs

Who is in scope for the process?

Teams that include functions that will end when Workday HR, Payroll, Finance & Supply Chain is implemented and PeopleSoft is retired – i.e. Release 1 Project Team and associated PeopleSoft Support teams.

Are term hires eligible to express interest?

Yes. The process is open to regular and term hire team members.

Can non-employees on the project team (e.g. consultant and staff augmentation resources) complete the expression of interest?

The Expression of Interest process is only open to Ohio State employees. Any EBS positions not filled through the EOI process may be posted for open applications on the Ohio State Careers website. 

When will we transition to the new model?

About 3 – 6 months post Release 1 implementation.

Are the EBS roles the only available jobs for project team members to consider?

No. Some people may transition to roles in business or home units. 

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Start with your Business Advocate or home unit manager. They should be able to answer your questions or point you to the right person. Additional information (including position description summaries) is available on the Enterprise Project website.

Do I have to choose between the EBS and my home unit?

No. If you have a preference, please note it in your expression of interest. If you are equally interested in either, please note that as well. The more info we have on your interests, the better we can potentially align you with a future role.

Am I only eligible for expressing interest in a position similar to what I am in today?  What if I wasn’t on the project?

No, you are encouraged to express interest in positions in which you are interested in, regardless of your current role. 

How does EBS expression of interest align with HR Service Delivery expression of interest?

While the EOI periods do not overlap, Enterprise Project leaders will work with HR and Payroll leaders to have discussions with those individuals who are eligible for both EOI opportunities. These discussions will help to identify individuals for roles, either in EBS, HR or Payroll.

What if I'm out of the office during the entire EOI period?

If you will be out of the office and unavailable to complete the EOI survey, please contact your Business Advocate or manager to communicate your preferences before December 13, 2019.  



What is the line of responsibility between business units and EBS?

Generally, business units will use the system to run the business and EBS will build solutions, configure and develop within the system to support the end-to-end business processes.

What is the staffing approach for the EBS?

There will be regular positions offered, as well as term roles required for extended stabilization and additional project scope (Talent, Planning, etc.).

How is reporting being handled in the future?

The primary report development responsibility will reside with business units. The Business Enablement Teams will provide reporting development and quality assurance and change control support. The OCIO Data and Analytics and WMC Data Warehouse teams will support the reporting tools and data infrastructure outside of Workday. 

Who are the leaders of EBS?

The Executive Sponsors Group will confirm the EBS leadership team. Our goal is to announce the EBS leadership team in December before or during the expression of interest process.

Who do users call when there is a problem?

Questions and incidents will be first routed to Tier 1 service centers (where applicable). Tier 2 support resides with subject matter experts in business units, and Tier 3 system problems come to EBS.

Where do communications functions reside?

Similar to today, communications functions will reside within business units.  The EBS team will be responsible for identifying change impacts and working with those business team members to communicate as necessary.

How many analysts, developers, etc. will there be on the EBS team?

To be determined. Project leaders are working with Executive Sponsors to confirm the EBS budget. Final headcount is dependent on approved budget. Note: Leadership will not extend position offers until the budget and headcount are confirmed, which we expect to occur in December.

Will there be spots for everyone from the Release 1 project and affiliated legacy support teams on the EBS team?

No. The nature of large implementation projects is that they take exponentially more resources than are required of on-going support teams and we can’t guarantee roles for everyone. 

Who determines what work the EBS team will perform?

Business units via governance groups. Governance will likely include a group of cross-functional business leaders, and the structure will need to work for both new requests and urgent changes.

What else is left to do to operationalize the EBS team?

Lots. Items previously noted include leadership selection, confirming team member roles and governance groups.  Also, leadership will need to complete detailed process design (e.g. change management, incident management, user support, etc.) and receive approval of the future cost and budget. 

How are future scope items (Talent, Planning) reflected in this org structure?

They will be included in the corresponding workstreams as additional staff. These roles could be filled either in the form of new hires and/or extended or new contributed resources from the home units.

Will the Integration Developers have dotted lines to the Business Enablement Teams?

Yes, they will be aligned to the Business Enablement Teams, where they will receive direction on what work should be done based on governance prioritization and bug/fix work.

Will Workday configuration take place only in EBS or also in business units?

Configuration will take place in the EBS. Configuration-like activities, such as master data management, will be done in the business. This high-level direction represents the standard plan and exceptions may exist.  Contact your Business Advocate for additional details. 

Are the Leads people managers or senior-level analysts?

They may be people managers depending on the workstream and all will be senior-level analysts.

Will Leads and Analysts be Workday certified in their area of expertise?

Project leadership decided during the project to not pursue the Workday Pro Certification program due to the cost and effort required to earn the certification.  Once in a stable environment, this is a viable professional development opportunity for the team and will increase their effectiveness and capabilities to implement new features.

Will Workday's Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) be run in EBS or the business?

EIBs will be built by integration developers on the EBS team. They will be run both by EBS or business units depending on the specific use of an EIB. The analysis will be conducted by EBS at the time of creation and security set accordingly. For example, we expect our unit accountants to have the ability to upload journals via an EIB upload. However, an EIB used to update configuration with cross-functional impacts to be done by EBS.