HR Service Delivery

What’s Changing

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is adopting a more efficient and effective service delivery model to provide high-quality, standardized support to the larger Ohio State community. Faculty, staff, and students will benefit from a new self-service intake model along with more direct support from HR staff. HR Service Delivery is a key pillar of transformation supporting OHR’s strategic area of focus, HR Excellence, and falls under the umbrella of the Enterprise Project. Parallel initiatives such as policy and process updates and standing up an HR Community of Practice also support the desire for greater HR efficiency, efficacy and excellence.


Why We’re Changing

As part of the 2018-2023 Human Resources strategic plan, the new HR Service Delivery model seeks to provide an excellent HR experience to the Ohio State community. Through the service delivery model, OHR seeks to realize the following benefits for the larger Ohio State community:

  • A Leading Employee Experience: Moments that matter to employees will be delivered in a seamless and consistent manner across the university through a variety of channels
  • Consistent and Streamlined Processes: Consistent and streamlined processes across the university and medical center will offer necessary flexibility in delivering HR support
  • Data and Transaction Integrity: New data governance structures and related automated internal controls will maintain quality data and decrease transaction errors
  • Streamlined Career Progression: We will enable clear career pathways within HR, and will increase bandwidth for HR professionals to support career progression strategies in the units
  • Risk Reduction: We will reduce operational, security, compliance, and financial risk across the organization


Who is Affected?

In short, anyone connected to the Ohio State community, from applicants to retirees, will benefit from the HR Service Delivery Model evolution. HR Professionals across the university and Wexner Medical Center will be adopting the new model as a collective effort to enhance the Ohio State experience for the 40,000+ faculty, staff, and student employees across 6 campuses, 42 colleges/units, and Wexner Medical Center, as well as prospective employees.



The new HR Service Delivery Model is slated to go live in January 2020. For more information around HR Service Delivery and other HR Transformation initiatives, visit the HR Transformation website.