Org Design & Funding

Enterprise Support Organizational Design and Funding

Ohio State will need an institution-wide governance process and management team to support and enhance Workday and other Enterprise Project initiatives. The future enterprise support team will be accountable to the Enterprise Project Executive Sponsors and managed within the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

The Enterprise Project’s Business Advocates and Project Directors, supported by a dedicated Project Manager, will propose an organizational design and funding model for the future enterprise support team to Executive Sponsors in July 2019.


Visual representation of the organizational design and funding model for the future enterprise support team.

Focus Areas

The work leading to July 2019 is broken into three focus areas: governance, cost of ownership and organizational design.

  • Governance - Governance activities will include establishing both the groups included in the future governance structure and what application areas they are governing.
  • Cost of Ownership - Cost of ownership activities will include examining current budgets and outlining the future budget to support the business processes and technology implemented as part of the Enterprise Project.
  • Organizational Design - Organizational design activities will include design of the future enterprise support team.


Please contact Kevin Donahoe, project manager, with questions about future enterprise support organizational design and funding.