Project Scope

Broadly, the Enterprise Project’s scope includes transformational work in several operational areas at Ohio State: finance, supply chain management, human resources, payroll, student services, and business intelligence and analytics.

More specifically, the project encompasses a suite of individual initiatives that will improve the way Ohio State does business. These initiatives will collectively elevate the Ohio State experience through exceptional service and modern technology:

Tableau Server - October 2018

Tableau Server is a reporting tool that supports shared data visualizations and analyses throughout the institution, emphasizing accuracy and transparency as hallmarks of Ohio State's approach to data management. Tableau Server is available to all campus faculty and staff; however, only select medical center employees with special permission may leverage this tool given the sensitivity of patient data.

Now that the Enterprise Project has successfully launched Tableau Server, please contact colleagues in the Office of the Chief Information Officer at for ongoing assistance.

e-Builder - June 2019

An industry standard for construction project management software, e-Builder will replace the university’s current NetLink system. Additional e-Builder integrations will occur in conjunction with the first release of Workday. This system implementation impacts Ohio State’s construction project managers.

Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) - July 2019

The Reporting and Analytics Environment is both a place to source and store data. It will provide an environment for data analysts interested in creating reports and performing analytics with cross-functional datasets. The RAE will house historical data, as well as data from other systems that will not be converted to Workday.

HR Service Delivery - January 2020

Establishing a more efficient and effective HR service delivery model will help ensure high-quality, consistent support for faculty, staff and students. The new HR operating model will champion consistent HR roles, responsibilities and services. Additionally, HR professionals will leverage the ServiceNow case management system, an online self-service portal, for collecting and logging support requests.

Compass - January 2020

Compass will create a personalized user experience by pulling relevant information into an individual “homepage” for faculty, staff and students. This initiative will provide a single entry point for users searching for information spanning multiple systems. The first release of Compass will be for faculty and staff, with a second release in July, 2021 geared toward students.

Nelnet - Spring 2020

​Nelnet, an e-commerce platform, will allow all customers and vendors to make online payments through a single, university-wide electronic payment system. It will also provide website templates and an integrated payment gateway for revenue-generating activities across various units.

Salesforce - May 2020

A student relationship management system will support coordinated and tailored engagement with potential students, as well as track specific touchpoints with current students. The initial launch encompasses Graduate and Professional Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions and Buckeye Link. A later release will extend functionality to additional areas in the Office of Student Academic Success.

Workday Adaptive Planning - June 2020

Workday Adaptive Planning is a cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solution that helps businesses to plan budgets, actuals, plans, forecasts, calculations and cell notes. Workday Adaptive Planning was successfully launched at the end of June to support project intake and capital planning. This tool will first be used by central finance professionals to manage the FY21 capital plan and will be introduced to all units in the fall of 2020. The Workday Adaptive Planning roll-out will conclude with the first release of Workday.

Workday - January 2021

Workday is a configurable, cloud-based system that will serve as Ohio State’s core system for finance, supply chain, human resources, payroll and student information. A single, shared system for these operations will provide a clearer picture of university business to champion strategic decision-making. The Workday implementation will take place through five releases, with the first release happening in the January 2021 timeframe.

Enterprise Business Solutions Team - January 2021

Defining the future support organization is paramount to enabling Ohio State to fully leverage and successfully manage the technologies implemented by the Enterprise Project. The Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) team will determine how to best maintain Ohio State’s enterprise-wide solutions, including technical operations, training and communications, vendor relationship management and governance.

Buckeye Buy - January 2021

Buckeye Buy will support a comprehensive online shopping experience for the entire university community to procure goods and services. A notable effort in relation to supply chain management, this platform will be powered by GHX and accessed through Workday.