FDM Overview

What is the Foundation Data Model (FDM) and what are Worktags?

The Foundation Data Model is a multi-faceted classification system that allows users to attach common keywords, or “worktags,” to transactions. By labeling information with worktags that are shared between business areas (Finance, HR, Payroll and Student), the university can effectively report and analyze data.

FDM FAQsWorktags


Worktags are descriptors assigned to a transaction that provide information for reporting and analysis purposes. Worktags will be grouped into three categories:

  • Standard worktags – Workday delivers these as part of the established system requirements.
  • Ohio State defined worktags – A certain number of worktags will be created to meet the university’s specific reporting needs.
  • Not used worktags – Ohio State will not use these standard Workday worktags.

Below is a visual list of Ohio State’s worktags for finance, HR, payroll and student. For more worktag information in a list format, please click the Worktags button above.

Why is the FDM important?

The FDM will impact the entire Workday platform, given the overlapping data needs of units around the university. Newly designed business processes and existing systems will also be influenced by the FDM. While replacing Ohio State’s Chart of Accounts and other data elements are significant changes, the structure of the FDM will result in cleaner data, meaning increased transparency and accuracy.

What is changing?

  • The FDM will replace the financial Chart of Accounts in PeopleSoft and Great Plains.
  • There will be standard definitions and values for all worktags across the university and Wexner Medical Center, eliminating “user defined” tags.
  • The FDM will include supervisory orgs and job profiles as the backbone of HR data, among other elements.

How is the FDM being developed?

Designing the FDM is a collaborative approach. A working group of subject matter experts (SMEs) steer an iterative process of identifying requirements, understanding design impacts and validating the design. The FDM will continue to evolve as the project progresses.