Workday reports provide information in real-time, resulting in more reliable data with many benefits.

  • Actionable - Initiate, update and approve transactions from interactive reports.

  • Flexible - Resort, reorder output or view data as a chart.

  • Always available - Workday dashboards group related reports together and are populated with up-to-the-minute data every time you open a dashboard.

  • Sharable - Share data produced from Workday reports with other university employees in a protected manner; university data is more secure since it doesn’t leave Workday.

  • Immediately meaningful - Use reports and integrated analytic tools to directly answer operational and strategic questions.

The Learning Resources and Frequently Asked Questions sections that follow are available for more detail prior to the availability of Workday system training.


Learning Resources


Reporting FAQs

Where will I find my reports once eReports and BuckIQ are retired?

Your first stop for reports will be Workday. Workday provides real-time access to data and reports with user friendly and powerful tools. Rather than the static report output we have today, Workday reports are dynamic and actionable. You can drill into results for more information and initiate or approve transactions from a report.

In addition, the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) will be used for reports or analysis that require data and/or advanced tools and capabilities that are not available in Workday. If you are a Wexner Medical Center reports user, you may also have to utilize the Information Warehouse for WMC specific reporting needs.

What data won’t be in Workday?

All the data that is currently in PeopleSoft and other administrative systems will not be moved into Workday. Historical data that needs to be retained and is not converted into Workday will be stored in legacy format in the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE). Documentation of what data will be converted into Workday will be available soon.

Workday is only replacing some of the university’s systems. Academic information will remain in PeopleSoft until Workday Student is implemented and there are numerous other systems – Salesforce, eBuilder, TAS, for example – that will continue to be the system of record for university data. Additionally, Wexner Medical Center users will also continue to utilize data and reporting systems, such as PowerBI for medical center focused reporting from applications such as Epic and the Information Warehouse.

How will I know which report to run?

When possible, we will provide information on how new reports relate to existing reports. We'll also talk about how to find information and reports you are looking for using Workday search tools and report dashboards. The Enterprise Project team is also working to deliver a new data catalog that will provide a list of available and highly used reports, categorized by subject area. This new catalog will be delivered prior to Go-Live.

I have access to run queries in PeopleSoft today. Will I have that access going forward? Will someone recreate those queries for me?

PeopleSoft queries will be replaced by reports that are both delivered by Workday and custom-built by project team members. Through the use of Workday tools, technical query writing skills will not always be needed to obtain query-like results.