Student Employees

Below are a few updates to help student employees navigate Workday and coming changes. Workday is Ohio State’s new tool for managing employee and institutional data. It will equip you with self-service tools that are mobile and easy to use.

What's Changing For Student Employees


Technology Changes Overview for Student Employees

Ohio State Staff - today, I use:Tomorrow, I will use:
  • eTimesheet
  • eProfile (PeopleSoft)
  • Unit Based Timeclocks
  • Student employees in the Health System use Kronos
  • Workday on my computer
  • Workday mobile app
  • A new digital timeclock 
  • Student employees in the Health System continue to use Kronos

HR Requests and Personal Information Changes

  • In the future, all these actions will be done in Workday after logging in with my Ohio State name.# and authenticating through BuckeyePass. 
  • I access Workday to update my personal information and view my payslip (formerly known as a “paycheck”).
  • I can view the reporting structure for my college or unit using interactive org charts with real-time information and updates.
  • If I have an HR question or need, I call the HR Shared Services Center or reach out to my unit’s HR consultant.

Time Tracking and Absence Changes

  • I will track my hours worked in Workday.
  • Some student employees in the Office of Student Life, Department of Athletics and the Office of Administration and Planning will use a new digital timeclock.


High Level Change Journey

January - April 2020

Student employees:

  • See "Workday Wins” ads around the university and the medical center
  • Hear about Workday from their supervisors
  • Students understand they will learn more about the new technologies when they return to their campus jobs over the summer and in the fall. 
April - December 2020

Student employees:

  • See "Workday Wins” ads around the university and the medical center
  • With manager support, complete Workday training so that they are prepared and feel ready; managers have been informed so that they can answer student employee questions on what to expect on Day 1
Go-Live! and beyond

Student employees:

  • Who are starting in their roles in the fall are given an introduction to Workday from their supervisors. 
  • Feel ready to use the system;  while they might not know how to do everything in Workday, they know where to go for help
  • Have access to on-demand training materials, after go-live, for reference when they have questions; as Workday is updated, they receive an email when the updates affect them